Teenagers, well actually people for that fact seem to think their invincible. Nothing bad ever happens to us, it’s always in the news or on TV. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the same thing – so of course when I entered the world of depression and self – injury I never imagined it would go to the lengths it did. I was never “that bad”. At seventeen I spent eight months in a “Residential Treatment Center” for the very same stuff that I thought was “no big deal” but became my life. I started keeping a journal in the beginning of my treatment and it’s something I continued through out. My blog is those pages, typed up for you all to read.

I hope by reading it’ll show you how ugly and defeating the grips of depression can be. I want you to see the “good, the bad and the down right ugly”. But also that there’s another side.

Nothings edited, nothings made up. I’m giving you everything written as it was felt.

With that being said, some of the material on here may be triggering.

This video came from my youtube page. I made it when everything started, this was me.